Real Ghosts

Would it be an explanation for a personal experience?
Would it be what makes ESP work?
Or any other question, what would it be.
You only get one.

Real ghosts

13 Responses to “What one question do you wish Parapsychology could answer?”Real Ghosts

  1. Wisdom Seeker

    Why has mysticisim killed so many in the human race throughout human history?

  2. tshnobodysfool

    Definitive proof as to the existence of God or not.

  3. annarkeymagic

    Who is going to win the Super Bowl this year?

    Get that one right with parapsychology means and I’ll be impressed!

    And I’d be even more impressed if the Parapsychologist would put his own money where his mouth is!
    C’mon yawana bet?

  4. Incognito

    If I hadn’t experienced PSI phenomena, my question would be “Does it happen?”. Since I have had such an experience, I want to know “How does it happen?”

    Of course my experience lasted about a minute or so. That represents one 525,600th of a year, and I’m a lot older than one year old. We’re looking at about one 30 millionth of my life. It may be surprising that I even care about what amounts to a minuscule fraction, but it was quite an amazing minute. I sure would like an explanation.

  5. walksindarkness

    Why can’t parapsychologys evidence stand up in repeatable double blind studies?

  6. january jane

    Well I have 2 questions but Parapsychology can not answer either. My religious side wants to know of Gods existence, but I believe that answer can only be found from within. The second is of life beyond Earth, that can only be answered with time, knowledge and technology. Sad to say but it probably will not be answered in my life time, I am in my 20s.

    So maybe a few lottery numbers but thats about it.

  7. garrettsambo

    Do ghosts exist?

  8. Tom E

    As the answers come in, they are no longer ‘para’–they belong to some branch of science. I suppose levitation or mind-over-matter would be rewarding.

  9. Deenie

    What happened to ME!

  10. Angomapple

    Is the physical world able to prove within its limited means anything spiritual?

  11. Ed H

    Proof of life afte death, whatever it may be. What happens to the human soul after the physical body dies?

  12. ~333~

    The one area that has my main interest is in the “After life”, what happens to our souls from when we die and where do they really go. I know something exists, but to truelly be able to get a better grasp of it all… After all we are ALL going there no matter what, and it would be great to know for sure…

  13. Fallen Angel

    The After Life, and all spirit activity out there.


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