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I want to know what makes the best paranormal website the most popular. Why do you think it is the best and how long have you thought it was the best?
I think you each have posted some great replies. It is actually harder to pick just one. I had hoped to get a larger response to which are the best sites out there but these are great at any rate.

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  1. Tukmyhamster

    The best site to discuss the paranormal is the James Randi Education Foundation Forum – load of smart people there that can debunk pretty well everything.
    It’s educational and entertaining.

    What I like about the JREF forum is that they do not censor people that have different ideas about the paranormal, in fact they enjoy having believers joining the forum to argue or make wild claims about their abilities or experiences. Sure they always ask for proof, but how gullible would you be if you just believed every story that you read on the internet?

  2. Brian S

    Fi’s So Weird Webpage!
    Just kidding! That’s a fictional website! i dont know any!

  3. Krista

    The best is it has stories submitted over the past ten years from people around the world. They have it highly organized and cover every type of paranormal activity or topic.
    Its absolutely addicting.The stories come from the US to Africa to Germany. Most are very credible and amazing.Not every ones story gets submitted. They post about 25 new stories on the first of the month.
    They have photos, true stories, and a blog area.What I really like about the blog area is, they do not allow people whining about proof, criticizing or debating the paranormal. Its strictly about sharing experiences with other people who believe. They delete all the nonsense like on here, where you get the same obnoxious people day after day buting into people who are trying to have a discussion. Basically, they tell you if you do not believe in it fine. Go somewhere else on the web that you do believe in the topic.
    I highly recommend this site for people who want to hear other experiences and not deal with people who want to play childish games,

  4. Deenie

    I used to think that was good…till they kicked me out and didn’t even tell me why. The only reason I can think of is that I had stopped participating and was over here. I asked them why but didn’t get an answer back. I even used to send people there from here. You can try it and see what you think of it. Not as many skeptics over there. If you do…ask them why they kicked me out please.

  5. Bobby Corwen

    I lurk this forum. It’s entertaining, and most of the members are fairly skeptical.

    Unexplained-Mysteries Forum Community

    The Link Below Sources is the Home Page. : D


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