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For Halloween this year I thought it wouldl be fun to set up a haunted house in a garage. But I need some ideas.

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  1. coltqueen

    Do a bowl with cooked & very cold spaghetti noodles mixed with peeled grapes. brains & eyeballs – it really feels gross when you plop your hand out in the dark and touch that!

  2. Basketball Lover

    Well, one AWESOME thing to do is, make about 4 different sections that people go through. Make sure no lights are turned on in the garage, except a couple pumpkin or halloween lanterns every now and then. If you have a table, you can put a sheet over it. Someone can be sitting under the sheet by the table, and when someone passes they can reach there hand out and grab them. You could also have a box in one part of it. People reach under a curtain, not being able to see the box. They stick there hand in the box and they feel around. Fill the box with cold spaghetti, cooked hot dogs, fake bugs, candy, and other nasty stuff like that. When they reach under, someone comes up behind them and says, “Opps, sorry. I forgot that those are my skeleton friend’s organs. MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!” Then, the person that said that starts to chase everyone around everywhere. While the person chases them, other people jump out and scare them. Well, I hope that you have an AWESOME Haunted House. Bye!

  3. Katie Flynn

    Hey! Whatever you do don’t charge admission. You can like make little passageways where you want everybody to go with sheets or garbage bags. You could also make a bowl with spaghetti, gummy worms, peeled grapes, and other things that feel like body organs, and when people pass by they have to stick their hand in it. You could also have someone hiding behind something and when the people go by they pop out and scare them. someone could also be laying on top of something like a dead person. And you could also have somebody lying on the floor pretending to be dead and the people have to walk over the so called dead person and when they pass the “dead” person cahses them through part of the haunted house. You could also get a fog machine to make it spookier, and maybe some spooky music and sound effects such as Monster Laoughs and screams and maybe even chainsaws. or you could have some body hiding pretending to be tortured to death. Trust me if you listen to me, your haunted house will be the scaryist haunted house ever.


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