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I was just wondering; do those white spots showing up on digital camera pictures serve as evidence for ghosts? I saw it on Ghost Hunters, but I’m not sure what to believe. Maybe there’s some other logical explanation for it. I was taking pictures of the new place and a white spot (I could tell it wasn’t a dust particle, more of a small orb or stain-looking object) next to the light fixture in the kitchen. I took another picture just to make sure and it wasn’t there the second time.

Helpful answers please.

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  1. BLondie!

    No not always. In some cases yes but most of the time it has to do with lighting. When I take a picture of the dark with light behind me that happens a lot.

  2. noyb

    prolly somethin on the Lens…get it cleaned with glasses Lens cleaner cloth…if you got prints like from walmart then somethin went wrong with whatever they do for digital prints (ive never worked with digital prints)

  3. Edgar Greenberg

    Generally, those are caused by light bouncing off dust particles in the air. In your case the light from the light fixture bounced off the dust into the camera. When you took it a second time, the dust particles had jiggled a bit, and they no longer bounced the light back.

  4. Ron

    What you describe is almost certainly a photographic phenomenon called lens flare, it occurs when there is a bright object, in this case the light fixture in front of the camera, the same thing can happen when you take a flash photograph and the flash is reflected back to the camera ans also in broad daylight when the sun is in front of the camera.

    I expect your ‘spots’ or ‘orbs’ look like the ones in this photograph, the orbs are caused by the light fitting in front of the camera.

    These sort of orbs cannot be caused by dust or anything on the surface of the lens, it’s optically impossible for a lens to focus something on it’s surface.

    These multiple orbs are caused by the miner’s helmet lamp.

    These orbs are a good example of the camera’s flash reflecting light back into the camera lens, in this case from a glass ornament shining brightly on the left. There is NO DUST in this room, dust CANNOT cause these these orbs!!

    They can happen with digital cameras and film cameras because the orbs are caused by reflections inside the lens of the camera’s iris diaphragm, this is a more technical explanation for those interested in photography.

  5. inteleyes

    dust partical reflection from the light.


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