Real Ghosts

ive never seen a ghost and i would like to know if they are real.

Real ghosts

15 Responses to “Are ghosts real, and have you ever seen one?”Real Ghosts

  1. crazygirl

    I never seen one before bu tI do believe in them. Go on You Tube and you will see a lot of scary videos/clips.

  2. star.x

    i think they are real

    The other day i had a long vase with not many flowers then it swayed to the side and back then fell over . it was so scary nobody was near it it was so freaky. once me and my friends done an all nighter then the bedroom door opened and i checked and i swear down i saw a white person, i freaked out and cried i was so freaked out…

  3. Turreau

    ghosts r real, some see them while some dont

  4. Crystal clear

    This question gets asked about 10 times a day here.

    (There is a section in Y!A on paranormal phenomena and parapsychology, perhaps you should check that out.);_ylt=AmfNt.K0cLoIEvBll4Kx.Ff4xQt.;_ylv=3?link=list&sid=396547171

    Anyway – there is no absolute answer to question one. Some people believe ghosts exist, others don’t. There is no irrefutable proof of their existence that is generally agreed upon by science as of yet.

    I have personally studied about paranormal phenomena, and have had experiences that I have not been able to explain by any other means, so therefore, I do believe that there are some earthbound spirits (ghosts).

    Perhaps you should watch a season of Ghost Hunters on the Sci-Fi channel, it is a reality series showing the processes and investigations of a reputable paranormal investigation organization. Once they debunk or disprove happenings that are caused by ordinary/normal things, they focus further study and research on the evidence they capture that currently has no normal explanation. Sometimes they don’t get anything, but sometimes they get some pretty interesting EVP’s or images on camera – makes ya think.

  5. chastain52

    I havent seen one but I felt one. I was at disneyland in california and I went on the haunted mansion ride. The haunted mansion is really haunted by real ghost, look it up on google. There is a story that a grad student went for grad night and while he was on the ride he got out of his car and fell down a set of stairs off to the side of the track. He broke his neck and died. While I was sitting in the car alone the ride stopped cause they had to get someone that was in a wheelchair off the ride. While I was waiting I felt someone push my shoulder, I looked around and saw no one. While I was walking through the crypt (the exit for the ride) it got really cold and I got goosebumps and all the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. It was creepy. Im going to disneyland later today and this time I hope I get to have another personal experience with a ghost.

  6. The Green One

    no ghosts aren’t real. once a person dies, it’s spirit doesn’t just wander off to scare people or haunt ancients ruins as they are said to
    the spirit moves ON

  7. Showman

    No they’re not and the last ghost I saw was…wait I never saw one because they don’t exist.

  8. tw

    never seen one, maybe cause I don’t think there are ghosts

  9. AdGurl

    Depends on what you mean by ghosts. I believe spirits are real and sometimes their presence can be felt. I have never seen one, I’ve only felt presences.

  10. Joshua M

    In answer to this question, the great Chinese philosopher Mot-Tzu said that if we accept, on faith, what people tell us of how a certain machine operates with which we’re not acquainted or how certain people behave or speak in a land we’ve never been to, we should accept what they say if what they say seems credible and if they, themselves, seem reliable witnesses to what they report. Following this line of reasoning, Mot-Tzu continues, we should accept what is said about ghosts if those who tell us about them can be trusted in what they’ve said about other things in life. The belief in ghosts is an ancient one and there are a number of very old sources, from different cultures, which talk about hauntings – and these reports are very similar even though they appear in the literature of cultures which were not, at that time, in contact with each other. There are many more people who claim to have seen a ghost than who claim they have seen God; yet no one finds it strange that so many people show up Sunday mornings to talk to someone they’ve never seen while so many find it `unthinkable’ or `crazy’ that someone has seen the disembodied spirit of a human being who has passed on. Why do ghosts haunt the living? I don’t know. I think it’s presumptuous to assume one can know. I do know they’re real, however, and whatever they’re up to is their business. I just keep out of their way as much as possible.

  11. Cat

    Yes, I’ve seen them since I was 8. They’re just people who had to leave their body behind. Nothing to be scared of.

  12. blackwingsninetales

    The truth of the matter is that ghosts are NOT real !!! But….people can communicate with the dead though !! Many people believe to see ghosts and hear them but they do not exist !!

  13. ilo_27

    I don’t know if I would call them ghost but I have seen many apparitions.

  14. Naruto

    well its what anyone believes its either imagination or an actual thing but my cousin says if you believe in ghosts they appear if you didn’t they wont appear. I have had personal experiences here is what happened:
    Me, my friend and his dog were exploring behind an abandoned house that was abandoned in the late 1880s. We were hoping no one would find us in the back because there were 3 apple tree’s in the back of that house. We were picking the apples and then there was this person that was walking towards us for some reason.We thought we had been caught but for some reason if u looked at him really closely you could see through him. My friend said “Luke (the dog) sick ’em” The dog jumped at the person when the dog made contact he just went straight through. The person then disappeared without leaving any trace except there was a mist of some sort. The next day for some reason there were these men in black searching in the cemetery behind the abandoned house. We went apple picking again but this time we got caught by the men in black. They were like 5 ft tall for some reason we sprinted but they were destroying tomb stones i think i don’t know why but they just kept on chasing us. They were there for a couple days.
    It’s an odd story but its true right after the ghost then came the men in black. Plus i could have sworn that they had a guns though.

  15. Aussie Witch 50

    What we call ghosts reside in the 4th dimension, which is the spirit world and we can’t see into that world unless there is a portal or the veil between worlds is thin..
    All dimensions have a different vibration, we are surrounded by dimensions we cannot see, but sometimes we do get a glimpse into their world and sometimes they get a glimpse into our world; also remember our dimension is the only dimension where time is measured…

    I recently read about a ghost scream which was recorded in England; a team of paranormal researchers were conducting an investigation into a haunting and 3 or 4 women were together in a room when they were taken by surprise by the appearance of a ghost, so they screamed…
    The Ghost also must have been taken by surprise as it also screamed, which was recorded on their equipment..
    They had the recording analysed and the result was that the scream was not of human origin; so you see we can spook the spooks just like they spook us…

    About 1 km up the road from me is an old manse called St Cecilia, this is in Peterborough, Sth Aust…
    This old manse hosts 5 ghosts, and the most prominent is the ghost of one of the old Bishops who lived there in the 1870’s..
    A friend of mine is a psychic medium and he has been on a couple of documentaries which concern haunted places in Australia, and he has been filmed there several times…
    I walk past St Cecilia’s 4 times a week, mostly at around the 9ish PM mark, but sometimes much later on my fitness walk..
    I have personally seen the Bishop 3 times, up on the porch on the far left hand side of the the building…
    Every time I walk past the manse all the hairs stick up on the back of my neck and I have that feeling of being watched…
    Every-time I have seen the Bishop, he is looking directly at me and it sends a shiver straight up my spine..
    He knows my energy and I know his, I just hope he stays where he is, as I honestly believe that there is something a wee bit sinister about him…

    I will tell you what happened to me when I first moved into my cottage in the country..
    One night I got outta the shower and was drying myself in the lounge room and all of a sudden I was freezing cold; I was as cold as if I were naked and out in a blizzard…
    I found my winter sleeping clothes(trackie daks, thermal T-shirt and a wind-cheater) and my thick woolly Pancho and I was still shivering; the temperature in my lounge room was 26C so I should have been quite comfortable in just a pair of shorts; the entity had changed my body temperature…
    This happened on 3 separate occasions and I contacted a psychic medium mate of mine and we sent him to the light..
    He was an adolescent child who was just having a bit of fun, but that fun could have killed me as it is not healthy to be all rugged up in winter clothing etc when it is in fact really quite warm inside the house….
    I still have one entity, and he causes me no dramas at all…
    In Light… )O(


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