Real Ghosts

I just want to know who believes in ghosts and why and if you ever seen it and tell with details plz or if you don’t believe in them and why thxz :)

Real ghosts

14 Responses to “Are ghosts real? Why do you think?”Real Ghosts

  1. Mfh H

    No, there is no evidence for them

  2. Fluffy

    It freaks me out somtimes but i think they are not real

  3. mickiee

    I do believe in ghosts, I’ve never seen one but my mom and all her siblings have experienced things in my grandmas house. And because of all the shows about ghost story’s on tv. Sometimes I can just feel like someone else is in the same room as me, I can’t see them but it’s like the energy changes.

  4. maseratimaniac

    It depends on what you mean by “ghosts”…. Spirits, and the paranormal, definitely play a role in our lives whether you choose to believe it or not. Ghosts or apparitions can sometimes be our mind interpreting things differently and sometimes can be hallucinations.

  5. animanie

    Well, I believe in spirits. not exactly ghosts. This is because I know that a loved one, no matter what will always be with you even after death. This is considered a spirit, not really a ghost. It’s my thought that ghosts are just myths and fairytales, but it’s always fun to think of them during holloween and scary moments.

    I’ve seen a few footages of ghosts appearing out of no where. It has been noticed in public but, I’m not entirely sure if those footages are photoshoped or anything.

  6. Maddy

    Yes, when I was little I walked into my room to find a tall, very pale man with short white hair standing in my room wearing my favorite dress.

  7. Nikki L

    I believe that there are such things as ghosts… after having freaky encounters myself.

    Back in primary school my friends were staying over my house and we were playing ‘Murder in the Dark’, and I was the one to be blindfolded. I felt around the room to find my friends, and once i did, I unblinded myself and saw a black shadow, and then it disappeared right in front of me. My eyes might have been playing tricks on me, though.

    At one stage, last year, I used to see Doberman’s sniffing around inside my house– they are gone now.

    I also see black shadows around me when I’m in the kitchen :S

  8. Brooklyn Love

    Oh yes there might be ghost. Does every one remember that old movie “Three Men And A Baby”? Ok well that house they filmed it in the dad spousally shot and killed his son. I didn’t believe it at first when it was told to me but I have seen the movie for my self it’s in a window sean near the end when the mother comes back to get her baby back. You have to pay close attention to see it. Very few people have the original movie because the mother of the little boy who died went to go see the movie when it first came out and seen her son and made the movie producers take that part of the clip where her son was in it. Also there a scene where it has the shot gun that was used to kill the son but I have not seen that part my self. But I did see the boy it made my hair stand up. I don’t have the url but you can google or utube it there are video’s of it and it is true.

  9. penguins waddle forever

    I do believe in ghosts. My teacher had an experience with them.

  10. Meow

    No one can tell me there is no such thing as ghosts or “energy” would be a better term.
    Not the ones in scooby doo

  11. Meme

    Yes. Because i’ve seen and felt them.

  12. redrightmidnight

    I agree with chinese culture

  13. Faesson

    Of course not! This isn’t the 13th century, you know.

    Ghosts, goblins, garden gnomes aren’t real. Well, the little statues are real, but there are no LIVING garden gnomes. You got that, right?

    People make stuff up. Why? Who knows? The scary part is that a lot of people actually believe what they are making up. Gosh. Maybe they think its the 13th century?

  14. Ish

    yes i believe in ghost, but i haven’t seen those transparent things floating in the air…
    i have one experience though but its more of a shadow figure..

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