I just want to know who believes in ghosts and why and if you ever seen it and tell with details plz or if you don’t believe in them and why thxz :)

  • Hi everyone, it's been a while. I'm still busy studying paranormal activity. I've joined RealGhosts.org as a publisher and we are doing…. #
  • …very cool independent paranormal research later this year. Will keep my Twitter page and the blog updated on this. #

Hi there, I would like to introduce GhostGurly as our newest guest publisher. She she’s a regular to this site and does a lot of paranormal research in her spare time. For now she will mainly be our Twitter point of contact http://twitter.com/#!/GhostGurly but soon she will be writing guest articles on her areas of paranormal interest. I’m sure you will all give her a warm welcome. Feel free to join her on Twitter.

We are looking for 4 more guest authors who have an active interest in the paranormal and are familiar with ‘social networking’ to write occasional articles here on RealGhosts. You need to have more than a passing interest in the paranormal. Contact us for more info http://realghosts.org/contact/

well a couple days ago i had someone meet me and they told me all about how i am a conduit and i know I can see, hear, and talk to ghosts, and feel when things are about to happen. Also I know when people are bad and i can talk to the ghosts. what is like a definition of a conduit?

I was just wondering; do those white spots showing up on digital camera pictures serve as evidence for ghosts? I saw it on Ghost Hunters, but I’m not sure what to believe. Maybe there’s some other logical explanation for it. I was taking pictures of the new place and a white spot (I could tell it wasn’t a dust particle, more of a small orb or stain-looking object) next to the light fixture in the kitchen. I took another picture just to make sure and it wasn’t there the second time.

Helpful answers please.

…very cool independent paranormal research later this year. Will keep my Twitter page and the blog updated on this.

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. I’m still busy studying paranormal activity. I’ve joined RealGhosts.org as a publisher and we are doing….

Would it be an explanation for a personal experience?
Would it be what makes ESP work?
Or any other question, what would it be.
You only get one.

For Halloween this year I thought it wouldl be fun to set up a haunted house in a garage. But I need some ideas.

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