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Hey everyone. I’ve been checking out some ghost hunting techniques and I came across the midwest spirit team’s videos. They seem to have quite a tasty collection of ghost hunting equipment. Check it out for yourself. That’s an awesome haunted house as well.

Let me know what you all think.

We’ve had some really intelligent questions from a number of readers lately and I’m excited to start looking into these real ghost questions in some more detail over the months to come.

As well as the obvious one of “Are Ghosts Real?”, we’ve had quite a few skeptics and one reader asked me:

How Can You Prove to Someone Ghosts Aren’t Real?


Well for starters, if they are real, as deep down I have a hunch that they are, then there’s obviously no answer to that question. Still, a big number of people are looking for scientific proof that ghosts aren’t real. But even if you don’t believe in ghosts or you accept that right now, the world is undecided – we don’t yet know 100% if they are real or not, it’s still a flawed question. The reason for this is that you cannot logically prove the non existence of something. All we can do is look at the evidence on a case by case basis and that’s exactly what ghost researchers are trying to do. You have to just keep looking at the evidence, keep talking about it, and in time you can make up your own mind.

In case you’re wondering why you can’t prove the non existence of something, or you simply don’t believe me  (I get that a lot *sighs*), its all to do with the testability, or falsifiability of a logical statement. You can’t scientifically falsify the statement that “A ghost exists” because no matter how hard you look, there could always be an elusive ghost hiding somewhere else or evading your search. To prove they do exist is much easier because all it takes is one single example.

Hey, fellow real ghost researchers, been a while and I feel this site deserved a revamp (vamp, geddit? Oh never mind 😉 ) which is just getting underway. For now, here’s a little ghostly taster.

Everyone always has something to say on the subject of ghosts. Of all areas of the unexplained, this has been the most enduring and one of the most discussed. Tales of the lingering spirits of deceased ancestors have flourished for millennia in just about every culture. Indeed, the concept is probably about as old as humanity itself.

Ask someone if they believe in ghosts and they’ll likely have a strong opinion. Many reknowned scientists and ardent sceptics believe that it’s possible ghosts may exist, where they may be dismissive of other supernatural phenomenon. The concept of a soul is something even a child can understand. It’s the essence of what makes us alive. The scientific approach to researching real ghosts, whilst often shunned by the mainstream, has unveiled many interesting avenues of research and there have been a few exciting studies over the last century as well as theories for how real ghosts may interact with the physical world around us.

Electromagnetism is an area of particular interest. It’s certainly an area of physics that is not yet fully understood, with some exotic effects on nature in certain circumstances. This is just one of the avenues we would like to explore in more detail on this site as well as the countless examples of real ghosts caught on camera and even real ghosts caught on live video tape recordings. We’re always interested to hear your own eye witness accounts of ghosts and ghost stories. We would also like to look into ways of coping with phobias of ghosts, understanding that ghosts can be friend rather than foe and what to do if you are scared of ghosts.

Check out these sightings people are talking about on youtube:

I just want to know who believes in ghosts and why and if you ever seen it and tell with details plz or if you don’t believe in them and why thxz :)

  • Hi everyone, it's been a while. I'm still busy studying paranormal activity. I've joined as a publisher and we are doing…. #
  • …very cool independent paranormal research later this year. Will keep my Twitter page and the blog updated on this. #


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